Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why Sundays are so damn difficult

Sundays are the worst days of the week. I know, you think I'm crazy, right? Everyone says the same thing. I'm at my laziest best those days because nothing that I can plan matches up to my 'Smooth Sundays' criteria:

1.     It must not involve any great amount of physical work 
Over the summer months, that means I shouldn't have to walk / jump / skip / leap / prance / run / stroll to such an extent that I break into a sweat

2.     It must not make me sick
New restaurants are a no-go for this very reason, cause you don't want to start off your week with extended time on the morning throne

3.     It must not keep me up
Bedtime on Sundays is damn important. I appreciate that now since internship started. God knows how sad a it is to start a Monday morning with a large red LATE stamped across your name

I'm still in the process of figuring out what other yet unwritten rules I may have on Sundays, but I'll be taxing my brain too much in the process & it goes against... wait!! Just remembered rule #4

4.     I must not work my my brain any more than it needs to

Phew, that a whole lot for the day. Until then, I'll leave you with my summer's blockbuster choices to make your Sunday AWESOME!

Hopefully I'll be catching this movie tomorrow. Its important cause its the first superhero movie that's released since forever! Here're the movies that will make us wait longer:

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