Monday, April 16, 2012


Beyond all our exaggerated fights & subdued squabbles, there's a better tomorrow. Beyond hunting for time & the frustration that accompanies failing, is tomorrow. There're just a few hours left today. We haven't spoken much, we haven't met; its been days since I last saw you, took in the scent of your hair as I held onto you; but tomorrow's another day, gives me one more reason to be optimistic. 

I may plan & obsess, but there's no telling how amazing tomorrow may actually turn out to be. Tomorrow, we'll be together, I'll love you just as much, maybe more, but tomorrow will be better than today and yesterday. Tomorrow we get to start afresh with a g'morning call, not knowing what course the next few hours will take. Tomorrow will be a brand new chapter in our lives together. Tomorrow, I'll make fresh promises, and break a few old ones; You'll try harder and then give up midway. But, by night tomorrow, we'll be better for having lived our successes and shortcomings. 

Tomorrows are where I live with you, there's always something better waiting around the corner. It doesn't matter if you can't care enough, I'll do that for the both of us. I'll dream intricate dreams for tomorrow, weave tales around our heads. Tomorrow I'll lay down with you once again; those impatient hands of my watch will wait for me. I'll take in the way the light plays with your curves. Your curves, I'll take them all in, like I'd never see them again. Tomorrow I'll tell you things I've hidden from you for so long, and then tell you what I can't say enough; I'll be repetitive, but I won't be boring, I promise you that. You'll want me to go on and then I'll stop, just to feel how effortlessly your hand fits into mine. I'll trace every crease of your palms, your fingers. I'll trace that arc from your toes flowing onto your feet, legs, knees, I'll keep on going. I won't stop till the wrinkles in the sheets tell our tale; of how we lived, loved, died and came back to life together. Those moments, I should hate them, they pass too quickly. There's nowhere else I'd rather be, no one else I'd rather do nothing with. That window, the fumes of coffee & passersby, all oblivious to our day to remember. Tomorrow, I'll do everything you want, I'll make sure that smile doesn't leave your face. Tomorrow, I'll make elaborate plans for the rest of the day, how I'll push aside the hair from your face, to reveal a smile. Forget my plans, these sheets have been so good to us, it'll be criminal to leave them. 

Tomorrow can't get here soon enough. Thank god, tomorrow's only a few hours away. Beyond that, another tomorrow awaits the light of day. 


  1. best post yet!

  2. Dude, you're so romantic! There is this visceral sense of poetry in every prose you write. Awesome.

  3. I completely agree with mgeek. There is so much of poesy in this bit of prose. There's a very beautiful lyricism to the writing. Very lovely! :)

  4. There are some posts that touch you only when you read them out loud...this was one of them. Loved it.

  5. What IS it with men and sniffing women's hair?!

    Just wonderful!

  6. @mgeek & tangled: I tried my hand at poetry, failed miserably. Needless to say, those suppressed wishes are manifesting elsewhere

    @mrigank, aayushi: thanks

    @aanchal: you say that every other time (Not that I'm complaining)

    @sunrise: Maybe cause we're taller, we end up sniffing women's hair a lot. Either way, scent and memory always go hand in hand :)

  7. The post gave me new hopes for a better tomorrow! One of your best posts till date!