Monday, December 19, 2011

[UN]Reality TV: Part 1

OK, if we could only go back a few years when I was busy prepping for Med School, I'd tell you that Scrubs and House were my favorite shows. I spent the better part of my free time away from books admiring Sarah Chalke and wondering why Jennifer Morrison couldn't be the same. Anyhow, my basic presumptions about med school, medicine in general, and the work environment were so freakishly flawed by these shows, I wonder how I adapted to reality in the first place. And that's not it! One of my friends got me started on Grey's anatomy right after I knew I was gonna get into med school. It took her 2 full months before college began to realize that the show is named after the book, not the other way around! 

So, I'll be sharing my breakdown of the top UNREAL medical shows on TV over the next few days. Here's presenting House M.D:

House M.D revolves around the life of an egotistical, ingenious, ACDC listening, vintage t-shirt wearing, bike-riding, sadistic prick, who would rather get jailed than listen to a patient. Everything on this show is done STAT. You need a f-MRI with PET Scan at 2am, no problems. You want a lap dance at noon, why not? You want to diagnose a never before discovered condition quickly, because you have a dinner reservation. Why not? After all, the show is only 1 hour long.. Oops, 40 minutes without the ads! 

The general surgeon on the team excels in micro-vascular surgery, neurosurgery, urosurgery, ophthalmology & of course, Internal Medicine. That's right, the Genral Surgeon!!

Lisa, I miss you!
The Rheumatologist tries in vain to prove every case is an SLE. The Neurologist looks like he's getting head under the table at all times, cause he fails to react to any outlandish theory that comes up. But, here's why I watched the show: Lisa Edelstein, the sinfully adorable chief of medicine, who I learn has recently left the show.

I'd end this rant by adding that there is no such thing as a department of Diagnostic Medicine in my hospital, regular patients are not that interesting & the doctors are seriously not that good looking, well at least most of them aren't.


  1. Once upon a time I used to think House M.D. was wayyy more realistic than Scrubs. Now I realise it is actually the other way around.

    But I must say the first time I read about porphyrias in Biochem in first year, I only made an effort to remember them because House knew about them, and if they inordinately excited him I figured they must really be something! :D

  2. As I see it, the plot operates by bouncing off the usual DDx and discarding them with diagnostic procedures until the epiphany for the uncommon presentation of the rare disease is received, just in time to save the patient which always involves the Hx/PE, not surprising as he has already exhausted every possible investigation. This is followed by a therapeutic trial, which of course is the best confirmation of any disease.
    Best medical show on TV.

  3. @tangled: You thought of porphyrias, I always studied SLE with great earnesty. I was so happy that they finally diagnosed an SLE case after 5 seasons!!
    @mkk: You really have the basic premise down. If it ain't broke, why fix it, right? And I'm in love with the show till season 7, don't get me wrong. I'm just stating the obvious

  4. Hahaha yeah I used to think they had these little in-jokes like how House always told Cameron "It's never sarcoidosis." after she kept suggesting it as a DD and it never ever was. :D