Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What rhymes with blood?

There once was a doctor fresh out of school,
About to enter a hospital very cruel.
He looked around the ward, totally enthused,
Not knowing he'll soon be thoroughly abused.
The residents knew how this creature would work,
With wide eyes in the shadows they'd lurk;
Hunting, searching, grabbing at the chance
To make him on their fingertips, dance.

Everyday patients would come & go,
But somehow his knowledge would never grow.
Then one day he finally decided,
He'd do no work unless he was properly guided.
He'd prod & pry & request on both knees,
"Sir, won't you teach me what you're doing, please?"
"Alright" was the reply, the resident still undecided,
He looked around & towards a patient he glided.
"Here's this patient, draw his blood", he said
The intern would rather treat the disease instead.
Fresh out of school he still jumped at the chance,
Not knowing this would end up becoming his ritual dance.

For from that morning his life would flood,
With endless, over-powering collections of blood.
Days passed by without any respite,
Still trying to overpower a small vein's might.
He knew that soon something needed to be done,
Looking at his own veins made his head spun.
He told his superiors, "Sir, Why not give it a rest?
Why we need so much blood, I cannot digest
Every morning, I bleed these men & women dry,
And, if it clots, I must give it another try"
They just laughed & handed him another list,
More blood to collect, the intern got pissed!
The patient list crushed within his fist,
And so his protest they easily dismissed.

He walked over to the door & hung up a sign:
'Without blood, urine & stool we can't make you fine.
And if you so choose to decline our request,
I love you for finally giving me some rest.
Here, the needles are not the only pricks,
Cause these doctors can be such dastardly dicks.
Soon I'll bid adieu & be out of your hair
Leaving another intern be the cause of despair'

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  1. Perfectly said. Email this to all the PG residents you know!