Monday, December 12, 2011

Red Suede Shoes

I spent the better part of last week figuring out what was wrong with me the past month. Was I demented? Was I color blind, or just plain sleep deprived? Or was it someone else's mischief at work? How in god's name did my shoes all get so much blood all over them? Ok, for at least one pair, I had the answer; I was a little hasty and overzealous with a central line insertion. But, for the others, no idea! Even my brand new Nike Classics! Hmph

Now left wondering how I go about fixing this mess. The regular shoe laundry isn't taking any calls. And I'm far too lazy to take care of things myself. Maybe I should just get a spray gun and coin the term "Red Suede Shoes" instead. This entire episode got me thinking about how I badly need a new pair of sneakers for use restricted within the hospital. Or maybe I could borrow those nifty plastic shoe covers we use in the OTs when we have a seropositive patient. Will walking around the entire day like I'm avoiding the flood be a bit too funny? Anyway, finally decided on a cool pair of sneakers to buy. It's not so much about fighting the blood now as it is about flaunting it 

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