Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Of Growing Up

You're all 'growed up' in medicine when:
  • You enter the college library and can't recognize a single face
  • You head to the cafeteria and can call out any attendant/waiter by first name
  • Its worse when they know the order before you say a word
  • You head to the common rooms and see the young 'uns completing their journals. You peek in to find you don't recognize any of the crap they've written or horribly drawn
  • You have your own "Tab" in the canteens
  • You know all the makeout spots in college. Been there, done that
  • You know all the residents walking past and their food habits; "He's a strict vegetarian", "She's a heavy drinker", "He starves himself to make himself more attractive to that Dermat resident", "She never pays for the food bill!"
  • The people you so sheepishly ragged when you turned into a 'super' senior ask you for advice on tackling first years
  • You rub your face so often while brooding that your hands get beard-burn
  • Your friends are categorized into: Still in college, passing out, passed out
  • You have an utter dislike for all things un-medicine. Blood feuds with MBAs & engineers are not infrequent
  • You can shoot down at least half the exam questions that're asked by juniors to leave only the bare essentials 
  • Worse, you're called in to supervise their exams
  • You use phrases like "Back then when...", "End of an era", "Time flies", & "Which rat bastard stole my steth this time?!?" 
  • You begin to believe in the power of multi-vitamins in curing everything from fibromyalgia to pancreatic cancer

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