Monday, January 14, 2013

Men Had It Coming To Them

There has been a lot of discussion in the past few months about the safety of women in India. A great offshoot, and one that has gained momentum in the past month, deals with discussing the status of women in our society. While I haven't yet come across any great article by a cultural anthropologist, this one is worth your time (Link).

While the chatter online has been positive, household & workplace discussions for the most part, are still archaic and disheartening. Why are these people still questioning why the Delhi rape victim was out with her boyfriend at night? Why are politicians still asking for skirts to be outlawed to "save" women from the fiendish eyes of men? Why must we question the integrity and morality of those women for doing that, which would be considered normal & acceptable for their male counterparts?

So in conclusion, the many recent news stories of female victims who are out drinking or traveling alone at night or showing too much leg or cleavage, have merited sympathy accompanied by that very idiotic afterthought, "What were they doing out there in the first place?"

If people think the blame for getting raped and murdered lies partially with the victim, they'll love my plan. Women, pick up your pepper sprays and batons and wait in groups outside nightclubs, pubs & descend upon any man who walks out alone, seems too inebriated waiting to be taken advantage of, or just has an extra shirt button open. Beat the crap out of him, & don't worry about the morality of it all. He had it coming to him. Why was he out in the night so late? Why was he out drinking? Obviously, men from "good" houses do not drink. How dare he walk out alone and without someone to protect him? Does he not know it's dangerous being out so late in our country? Is he not afraid of being raped or being killed? And why is he showing off so much of his chest? Yeah, he meets all the "had it coming to him" criteria that the Indian society seems to have deemed acceptable for women. 



  1. Just imagining the scenario fills me with a great sense of satisfaction and justice. I wish women just started doing this already.

  2. at first, i thought hospitals were safest place when it came to victims of domestic violence, but during clinical rotations one lady CMO shooed away a patient who d surgeons didn`t feel like admitting. she came back in d morning with a tennis ball sized eye. we r totally screwed up when even d doctors are helpless.GOD save this country...