Friday, March 2, 2012


Living an enviable life is all about finding memories in moments, 
that you wouldn't otherwise remember

This is our twilight. Everyone's moving around in eloquent, beautiful circles, not knowing what lies ahead. Everyone's looking for their way out. We've been here before, albeit symbolically. That day wasn't definitive, graduation. Of course there were tears, smiles, warm hugs and cold relationships which finally thawed. Unbelievable how one abstract idea of finality can bring such an upheaval of buried sentiments! But now, everyone's finishing off this chapter at different rates. Life's like a child let loose in a playground, plucking leaves and flowers playfully, randomly; one by one, we'll all move away. 

We'll meet again some day, beyond this twilight, when separation has finally set in. You'll still be you and I'll still be me; and I hope we'll be ourselves again. We'll look back at the times we laughed hard, sitting uncomfortably in the most obscure places, not remembering what the jokes were about; Reminisce of the times we felt lower than we ever imagined we ever could; Wear smug looks thinking back of when we pulled through. We'll meet without wondering where time has flown, or where we've been. We've always been around. I'll tell you of the times I walked down those corridors again, a familiar scent in the air, but something seemed amiss; how I sat again in those chairs, on those stools, sidewalks and stairs; how I wished for those familiar faces around. We'll talk about the music we shared, where we heard it all first, how we so effortlessly changed the tune and words, yet the song still remained the same. The coffee may not be that sordid excuse for burnt milk from the canteen, but the company will still be the same. We'll still share laughs, without ever thinking twice of what the punchline actually is. There'll still be gossip, although not as bold, but then we were always creative.

Our memories are like a song that's stuck in our head for ages which finally recedes, until you can hardly remember any notes at all; until someone sings you a line and it all comes flowing back. Our company will be that catalyst for nostalgia. How we'll long for that comfort of constancy, riding a wave, knowing we're all surging ahead together. That feeling of loss, it crept upon unchecked, unnoticed, like a river swelling behind a dam, until something gave way. Somehow though, things will remain the same. We'll be so much more than ourselves then, value what we took for granted. Of course there will be tears, warm hugs and cold relationships that finally thaw. One abstract idea of mutual belonging will unearth all we hadn't felt for so long. 

We'll be so much more than just wrinkles, responsibilities, families, experiences, successes or regrets. We'll be us again, someday, sharing obscure memories we don't recall with anyone else.


  1. Best post yet.. Girls, sit with a tissue in hand!

  2. Didnt share grad or post grad with the Gang...but somehow have never been able to move beyond the time we spent together...

    Eham...thanks for this post... :)

  3. Got me emotional when i"m not even senti bout the entire leaving thing. Well written dude. The memories will remain..

  4. Oh man! It was our convocation day today. And all I can remember thinking all day was how words could never be enough. But reading this, I think I'll change my mind now. :)

  5. Its beautifully written...
    Very Well Put..
    n Loved the first line..

  6. uggh..thanks Eham! Now I am homesick again!