Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taking stock

Ever so often you find yourself in a familiar place, with familiar faces, talking about things you know so well, and yet, everything seems different. The world stops, the drinks stop flowing, the words cease and you take in that scene, that familiarity, that you want to hold onto so badly. I know the blog says Megalomania in the title but I'm acutely aware of my mortality. I make it a point that those who matter know exactly what I feel about them. I often say, "My friends are my greatest investments"; I sure do feel rich right now.

Its not the euphoria after path-breaking achievements, its not the darkness in failures, that you remember. You recall the moments you thought you never would, the moments that you never thought deserved a place in the "Best of..." reel of your life. So, once again I'm looking across the table at people I never chose, those I didn't fully understand; these are the people that matter most, I hold them closest. You know that feeling of loss which you never really understood? I feel that now; except I'm not losing anything at all. You look back and miss that you never knew you shared. That barefoot walk on rocky beaches, the bad movies that chewed your brain, those high-fives that hurt so much, a broken sink, so many broken glasses, and creative drunken stories. You've left me with memories that'll take a lifetime to recall & rejoice. 

My friends, my family, I've taken stock of life. I sure do feel rich right now.

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