Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What a magical journey its been, with friends from Narnia

You have just as much power over choosing your friends, 
as you do over choosing the day you were born

All I do now is look back at the series of most fortunate events. Happy accidents, that's what I'd call them. We never really chose our company, these men and women we walk with. There wasn't a grand plan at work. But, 'we' worked together. We just moved on with our lives, ceaselessly, sometimes aimlessly. There wasn't any grand plan, we weren't capable of making it as good as it turned out anyway. 

That very first day; it was filled with a lot of "Where are you from"s. Such trivial questions! It didn't really matter, we were in this together for the long haul. Five years is very long time, or so we thought. Five scorching summers, five humorous monsoons, five faux winters & innumerable days in between. We lived our lives in these seasons. 

We stepped foot into an unfamiliar, untamed land, & made it our own. It didn't matter how far it is where you were from, or how long it took you to get here. 'Here' is what mattered, & here it seems we would be together without end. Today's not a good day, but it's as good a day as any for saying 'so long'. From lengthy testimonials, short notes, status updates, blog posts to things that're obviously left unsaid; today they all seem deficient. Another day, we'll be 'here' once again, laughing about all that conspired today. How did we get so messed up in the moment? That day wasn't a conclusion to those five years. It just signaled yet another change of season.

We didn't choose one another, but let's say we did, and pat ourselves on the back anyway. We'll meet again someday, right where and when we left off.

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