Friday, April 20, 2012

Thanks Bill

Bill Watterson created a fantastic world with Calvin & Hobbes in 10 years. He finally decided to end the strip gracefully while he was still at his peak, not wanting this iconic strip to overstay its welcome or lose relevance. Here's the final comic that ran on December 31st 1995. I think its very apt for this particular phase of my life:

(c) Bill Watterson 

I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. 
If we're in each other's dreams, we can play together all night.
-Bill Watterson



    OK... Fangirly moment over. This comic has been relevant to me when I finished high school or when I broke up with silly guys, it's amazing how much you can learn about life when you are open-minded enough to revert back to Kid Mode. Props to Watterson. I have the entire collection in three beautiful hardback covers which I insist on lugging around wherever I move to, much to the parents' annoyance. :P

    Happy exploring! :-)

  2. PS: If you haven't already, read 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (Le Petit Prince en Francais)... a short book, a lifetime of philosophies! It's become one of those books I'd have wanted my kids to discover from a little age as you realise more layers the more times you read and the older you get. :-)

  3. You have the hardbound collection?!? Damn!! Someone's sublimating with jealousy somewhere!
    I started reading them when I was a kid, seems like such a long time ago, but all the comics are still so relevant and fresh when I go through them. Spaceman Spiff fan for life!

    I'll definitely read the little prince soon. I think you'll enjoy this:

  4. I have it too! Bought it somewhat cheaply off flipkart with my stipend money that too! :) It still smells new. :) Which alter-ego do you like best? I can't decide between Spaceman Spiff and Tracer Bullet!

  5. I'm a big fan of Spaceman Spiff, did I say that already? :)
    I love mrs. wormwood's transformations the most! Genius

  6. Have you had a chance to get a hold of The Little Prince? :)

    Also - the fanfic was interesting. It was not how I imagined Calvin growing up. I always had the impression he would have been one of those 'skilled in everything' types. Maybe even a bit of a slight Casanova (but still good at heart!). Don't ask why! I'm not sure myself... But the rest of the fanfic was nice! The ending - aaah! Really need to find my Hobbes again myself... what a wonderful way of 'wrapping things up', really liked the writer's interpretation. Have you seen this pic (I had it up on my blog sometime back - did you know Calvin is considered an INFP, just like me? Not sure how much you "believe" in this personality typing stuff (my sister mocks me like there is no tomorrow! :(), but there you go :)) - reminded me of the fanfic. :-)

    Also, I am sorry to say I have been getting more and more into football the past couple of weeks (remember I told you about my best friend supporting Liverpool?), and I think I am a (semi-official) Liverpool supporter now :P I'm sure Man U was playing the other day (I lose track easily, still getting the hang of all these leagues and tables and premierships and championships and...) and I thought of you :D Boy I had forgotten what a beautiful game football is. Watched the Liv vs Chelsea FA Cup final the other day and got mad at Chelsea, even though I reckon the ball wasn't fully over the line!

    OK I think I've procrastinated enough now... lol.

  7. Nah, way too deep into books to hunt down the Little Prince, but there's always next week :)
    I always imagined Calvin with Hobbes until he got to college, the odd kid at school with the kind heart that regressed into spaceman spiff whenever there was trouble brewing until someone came along and took Hobbes' place by his side. I've seen the picture. I love it. I already have my kids' room planned out. One wall's gonna have a huge portrait of Giggs, Rooney & Cantona. The other's gonna be an art deco interpretation of the gotham skyline with a small shadow of batman on one of the gargoyles! Beat that!!

    And you're supporting the wrong shade of red. Its quite simple really, you cheer for the team in the victorious red, not the team in the whiny wimpy wailing shade of red!

  8. Did you see Man City beat the hell out of Man U's top spot? What a phenomenal last five minutes!!! 'Victorious red' eh? :P So happy for City... I was on EDGE the last 10 minutes... fantastic comeback.