Monday, May 21, 2012


Did it hurt?
Is it permanent?
What's that supposed to mean?
Why'd you get it done?
Can doctors have them?


  1. Did you get a tattoo? I was JUST recently thinking of getting one. Always knew I wanted one though. :) If not, uhh... put this down under another 'awkward conversation', please :P

    Oh, and 'Can doctors have them?' SERIOUSLY!!! They (we?) are humans too!! There is a girl in our year who has the word 'beauty' in Greek tattoed on the the ventral (?) aspect of her wrist. There and visible for all patients and peers to see. Awesome.

    1. That sounds like a good tattoo to have.

  2. I didn't know you had a pic from when you got it done!

    You forgot to mention girls pulling your shirt down all the time to see it :P

  3. But really, I don't get why people keep asking if it hurts! Of course it hurts! In which universe do needle-pricks not hurt! :D

    Also, naaaice! :)

  4. @Tangled: Similar to running into folks at restaurants who ask, "what're you doing here?" But, it doesn't really hurt. I'll share more about it in the next post. I'd been meaning to write about about this since ages & I just got frustrated one day and put this up. This is my way making sure I write!

    @Tangled: Getting an easily visible tattoo is a strict no, as much as I'd like one on the wrist too. My shoulder, feet & lower lateral chest wall though are already reserved for the future.

    @aayushi: Of course I do, from the linework to filling in to the final contrast shading. This may sound vain but it looked the best after it was just done. Healing takes away much of the details & colour character.

  5. Oops, second part of it's for Sunrise!