Monday, February 7, 2011

When doing nothing just doesn't cut it anymore

Its been four and half years that I've been in this course; while time may have seemed to fly by, I know I'd rather not relive 'every' minute of it. One thing that really irks us is that there hasn't ever seen a single true vacation where we didn't need to rejoin the hospital within just a few days of exams getting over, irrespective of whether our results were out; not a single vacation where there haven't been journals to write, research to prepare, files to be submitted. 

That is, until this vacation. I'm officially at the end of the course, therefore, I don't have any submissions, have chosen not to participate in any research & since it is ethically wrong to thrust doctors who aren't yet doctors upon patients, we're blissfully banished from the hospital. Thought this would be the best "under"utilized vacation, was looking forward to the nothingness. Here's what I've been upto:

  • Spent the first eight days in Kerala, had one of my best ever weeks there. 
  • The next 4 days I spent recuperating from terrible sunburns
  • 4 days catching up with old friends
  • 3 days at the family's office
  • 1 day at a post-grad training test
  • Much of those days was spent in front of the TV catching up with my shows & movies
  • Now, well now I'm just moping around with nothing to do

Never thought that it'd come to a point where excessively free would be impasse to my mind. So what is one supposed to do when you've exhausted all possibilities of traditional frolic & yet don't want to become a book drone yet? Has it really come down to a point where I have to organize my free time? 


  1. Heh, why the watch pic?

    I say you should watch more shows and play more won't get to do that later. You will, however, get to mope around as much as you want, so don,t waste time on that :P

  2. The picture's all about free time, something we seem to have bucketloads of. You were right, I'd forgotten about God of War III !!