Sunday, November 27, 2011

My obsession with "Anal People"

Worry not, this isn't a rant about how I like to deal with difficult people, I don't! It just hit me yesterday when I was going through my posts from August, that I've been using this label for my posts a lot. So, what's changed?
Have I just become unluckier with my colleagues? Am I an "Anal People" magnet? Do Aliens really exist? Have I grown spiteful & vengeful with time? Who killed Michael Jackson? Is internship turning me miserable?

The answers to these and many more questions will be coming up in future posts. For now, at least, I hope to write a few cheerful posts, get back to those notes I took during surgery & give those ideas some life & of course get back to cartooning. I can't believe I gave up on that mid-way. Maybe it's because I only happen to know how to work Paint on my computer. Photoshop is like a Whipple's to me; I'm eager to try it but don't know shit about it! 

Someone come forward and help poor SS out.

& sorry, but this post will also have to be labelled with... You guessed it!

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