Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Dilution Disparity

So, I've been working under the most difficult head, once again! Is it just me, or am I really turning into a bad superiors magnet? Remember what happened in Pediatrics? Tsk Tsk, a recap: here, here & here. Thinking back about it, those losers inspired my best work. Thank you fuckers, sincerely thanks.

So, there was this one particular day on-call, didn't get a wink of sleep, finished off everyone else's work because people were too busy in surgery or were out sick, skipped breakfast for rounds & am then abused by the head about how this one nonsensical clerical job, that wasn't mine to begin with, wasn't done & that he'd told me the previous morning! 

*Blink *Blink.. Did I hear that right? Am I asleep? Did he really shoot down all that I had managed to do over the past thirty hours because of that?!? This wasn't the end of it, "Things usually get done NO thanks to YOU. When I say something, I expect them to be taken care of before I happen to ask. If you can't even manage such a thing, someone ought to remove you from the hospital!" 

I can't even describe how I felt at that point. It was a sad mixture of desperation, irritation, PMS, aggression & surrender. I had my senior resident gesturing vociferously behind the head's back for me to not say anything further. And not surprisingly, I'm handed another piece of work, that isn't mine to start off with, isn't in any way related to surgery, or medicine, or the hospital! Somehow I manage to get this piece of crap outta my way, only to be shown false concern by the asshole. How selfish can you get?!? 

Spoke to my resident about how crappy all this made made me feel. He could only introduce me to what he calls "The Trickle-Down Effect". Apparently, since an intern is at the bottom of the medical pyramid, all the crap, bullshit, nonsense that anyone generates above him trickles down to him eventually. Sadly, there's noone below him/her to vent out this frustration. Thank fucking god I have a blog!

So, here's my corollary to the Trickle-Down Effect: The Dilution Disparity
No matter how much an intern works, the efforts and accomplishments get progressively diluted until the news reaches the top of the pyramid; so much so, that eventually the head just acknowledges the presence of this sad soul!