Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sister or Sistah ?!?

Dear Nurse,
I hope this letter of mine reaches you in the best of health and happiness as the same deserts me here. You may have seen me around the hospital. I'm the friendly guy with the friendly face, with friendly words. I'm usually too harrowed to worry about the blood on my hands, running from pillar to post to get work done on time. I'm also the one who asks with a smile and ends with a "Thanks". Remember me now?

I've worked in this place (and others) for long enough to get a vague understanding of where everyone stands and how things work; everything except for the nurses. You go from being kind and gentle to fire-breathing dragons within seconds. I have to listen to long lectures at the end of which I have no idea what the mistake was. I've been told I speak disrespectfully by people who should be shown the "NO HONKING" signs outside hospitals. I mean, if you had to PMS so often, why join medicine at all? And while I'm at it, I need you to know, I don't run a private practice of my own. Those syringes, needles, blood bulbs, catheters in my pocket aren't brought back home. Neither do I sell them in the black market. I carry crap around in my coat because it saves me time and effort. By far the heaviest thing I've been lugging around is this rude nurse who follows me wherever in the ward, making sure I don't pocket anything that's the hospital's property. I never knew I needed a security guard. Can you please look into what this nice nurse does other than stalk me? 

I know I'm a hindrance to your work, maybe I come in your way at times. But, honestly I don't think I can be that irritating! If I ask for help, it's because I need it and you happened to be around. What about all the times that I helped out and taught those nursing trainees? And what about when you come to me in the clinics asking what this drug does and which resident is good to consult? Let's accept it, you didn't want me to become a doctor. I swear, if I was in media instead, I would've come up with a sizzling hot rap video with all the nurses scantily dressed, teasing doctors, shaking booty and what not! Sing with me "I need you Sistah!"

Melodiously yours,
Rap Master S.S.

Disclaimer: I know I'm gonna get crap about this post, but, once again this isn't me generalizing. Been having a torrid time with a couple of people at work and this is addressed only to them. I've been lucky to have met some great nurses in my rotations, the best at my sister-hospital. I miss them terribly, now more than ever! That being said, that music video idea wasn't half-bad was it?!


  1. I have not once had problems with the nursing staff.