Wednesday, August 24, 2011


If you haven't yet figured out the title of the post, the rest should stump you as well. I started this blog because I felt I would have a lot to share over the course of internship. I love to write, it comes easily; though it's more taxing compared to when I'm just rambling to myself. I wanted others to see the humor in the strangest situations. But, sadly, over the past month or so, I haven't been able to see a lot of the humor myself. Much like the monsoon, it's been a gloomy, dark & wet past month, with all my "worst case scenarios" coming true.

I have this idea about people I deal with professionally, I always like to imagine the "worst case scenario". Basically, if I'm sure that the "horned" one (note how I used 'ed' instead of 'y') cannot make my life more hellish, I do whatever the hell I want. This usually involves me acting like the uncaring intern I can be for dumbass residents, not intent on learning stupid things & refusing to do things that infringe on my human rights. I work more efficiently, such that I don't need to move about too much. I have learned that that the best way to fix a dumb resident is to twiddle your thumbs in plain sight.

But, I haven't yet mentioned how and why I coined the term above.

Anonymous + animosity = ?

C'mon, even my peds patients could solve that one now! So, yeah. While I've found that my last rhyme which had a healthy topping of expletives turned out to be one of my popular posts, I didn't really start the blog to vent my frustrations about a few talented individuals, brilliant suited to making me feel like crap. Maybe, one day when they read my work, they'll realize they've faltered; or maybe they'll just get worse. The best thing is, I won't be around them much longer to find out.

So, ardent readers, it's back to the basics for me. Eagerly looking forward to my next rotation. Write to you soon

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