Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Impressions?

Ever so often, I come across someone (mostly at work) who I've spoken to for just a few seconds & yet, that's all the time in the world to realize what assholes they are! Its amazing how these people have this vibe, it keeps screaming out, "I'm a dork!", "I'm a douche", "I'm your worst nightmare", "I have insecurity issues", "I'm usually incontinent" !!

Someone needs to tell this people how you can bare your teeth for a grin, not just a growl. They're usually people who believe in 'end of world-this, end of world-that'! Everything is needed STAT! They're rude & generally dislike interns. It's also weird cause these assholes (Yes, I do not have to use weird syntax to hide my abuses on my blog) have never done their internships well. They've usually been cocooned at home, taken cosy externships or paid their way through. They have no right to expect from us what they've never given. Then, there's the other variety who've been tortured through their lives & wish to pass it onto us a part of their general ego hassles & sexual inadequacies.

This is the end of my rant. For those who're reading this blog for the first time still generating their first impressions of it, read the older posts... STAT!

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