Thursday, August 11, 2011

Technologically Savaged

Medical Student:
I'm in love with my phone. It does everything I want it to do & then some. I have cool apps like MedScape & Epocrates on it, they help me look up things on the go; I don't have to feel stupid in the clinics anymore. It's got a hardcore camera so I can take a picture of whatever new I come across during rotations. 
I love the browser, I love looking up conditions in Wikipedia. It has all my music so I can unwind & I keep up with the news when I'm on the move. I can't imagine life without it.

I have an awesome phone. It does all the things I want it to do, but only when I've taken out the Sim Card. 
I don't really have time to look things up, which is good cause hardly anyone asks me to anymore.
I use MedScape a lot, but only when I'm alone running a peripheral clinic & I'm stumped; I feel like a good ol' fool checking my phone in front of the patient. 
I don't really take any clinical photographs anymore, what's the point? 
My memory is loaded with music I hardly have the energy to listen to anymore. Yes, I need to have some energy to appreciate music, else I'm just hearing noise. 

And yes, I hate that my phone vibrates & rings. I get a pre-ictal aura every time my damn phone rings & I'm sure I get absence seizures when I see its an unknown number, though I can't really recall. Maybe that's the point of absence seizures, remind me to look it up on MedScape. "I should cut the call, who cares? But, then again, maybe I should just let it ring, I'll say it was on vibrate & I didn't feel it through my coat. To hell with it, I might as well pick it up, I'm screwed either ways."

I can't think of what an interns' life must've been like before cellphones became rampant as STDs. Even now when I'm dispatched for a chore, I get called in repeatedly to ask about its progress, why it's going so slow yada yada yada! 

If there was a day to yearn for the simpler times, this is it!

P.S: I hope you liked the typewriter font. The idea hit me and I just kinda ran with it


  1. I have always liked the 'g' in the typewriter font.
    There is no aura with absence seizures. What you experience is more likely to be a simple panic/acute anxiety that makes you temporarily unresponsive/hypoacitve and impairing cognition.

  2. That's Times New Roman, isn't it? I don;t like it much!

    You never said anything about the rest of our lives, the non-internship related parts, and what would happen to that without phones!

    I totally agree about needing to have some energy to appreciate music, though I never thought about it before.

  3. @aayushi: I suppose you're reading my post on your phone, the font is a typical typewriter's, you'll need a desktop to view it properly
    I didn't really want to mention what my phone is used for when I'm not on-call, that post would be endless!

  4. Arre I am seeing it on my Desktop.

    But, err, I don't exactly know the typewriter font. This just looks like Times New Roman to me.