Saturday, August 6, 2011

Not A Nursery Rhyme For Kids

Prequel to this rhyme: What rhymes with blood?

The calendar's page finally turned,
And so the cycle of blood also adjourned.
For children needed much steadier hands,
And for blood, his help they'd never demand.

Little people, he thought, would be easy to handle,
Not realizing he'd be walking into a stupid scandal.
The residents weren't humans, they were wolves, I dare say,
They made him hop, skip and jump through hoops all day.
"How dare he sit by the corner, twiddle his thumbs in full view?
He'll wish he'd never been born, when I'm through."
And so the residents acted like an ass and a witch,
To over-compensate for their obvious gonadal glitch!
"Run here, get that, fetch this useless thing right now, 
and let me plump myself up to be a useless fat cow!"

He craved for the feeling of a syringe back in hand,
And the queue of endless patients, slowly expand. 
"What am I thinking? Didn't I hate blood collection?"
But compared to the present, it seemed like a vacation.
"Ah, those were the days, they taught everyday,
Now, collections seem like a small price to pay"

He looked around the ward & saw others like him,
No spring in their step, faces gloomy & grim.
Mumbling, "This time too will pass", he kept his hopes up,
But these residents wanted to tie a leash around their pup.
The phone kept ringing, with requests not making sense,
He ran their errands at his dignity's expense. 

He dreamed of of a day he could give them the finger,
In that damn ward, not a moment longer he'd linger.
A pity to see such potential turn crass,
How great they'd be, without a fist up their ass!

Poor boy did all that these idiots demanded,
In a sea of blood, he wish he'd been stranded.
"How naive could I be, dismissing my red-handed chores?
That was nothing compared to working under these whores!"


  1. @unknown: This is usually the part where I say thanks but you've robbed me of a good compliment. Though I have one for you, what a lovely name...