Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Screenplay: Good Resident, Bad Resident

So, I mentioned I was writing something completely stupid & new in my earlier post. Believe me, it didn't  take two days to write the damn thing, I just wanted to build up suspense. In case you can't see the entirely oh-so-cool retro effect I've given the post with the font, you'll find it here. So, here's my first attempt at writing a screenplay:

Good Resident, Bad Resident
Scalpel Sculptor

Inspired by a true story narrated by
Helpless intern

Fade in. Interns, running around in a medical ward. Suddenly, the sound of shattering glass. Everyone moves towards sound. Fat Man at back starts roaring. Audible nonsense becomes less clear with time. The gathered start walking away. Fade out.

Fade in. Canteen. DAY. Interns chatting among themselves over lunch. Pan camera to door, residents move in. Cue stupidly dramatic music. Fat Man waves to interns to come over. Pan camera back to table, zoom in on girl’s eye filling up with anger. Pan camera back to residents’ table.
Interns told they need to do double shifts. Fat Man stops looking at interns. Interns stand still. He waves them goodbye. One of them gestures he would call to another resident [Friendly Resident]. Fat Man sees this through corner of his fat eye. Fade out.

Hospital Ward, evening. Intern on his way to meet Friendly Resident; “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything”. Intern breathes sigh of relief, removes his cellphone, dials co-intern’s number. Intern smiling while talking on phone, walking out of ward. Fade out.

Hospital Ward, morning. Interns called again by all residents together. No chairs left for interns to sit. Residents look constipated, interns feel nervous diarrhoea coming on. Camera zooms, shows jaw twitching, pans, shows fists forming. Fat man roars, “There is nothing you can do. Don’t try to go over my head. Eventually I’m the one you deal with. Know the consequences of antagonizing me”. Intern thinks, “Antagonize? Too big a word for fat man to know. He must’ve been told this speech”. He looks over to Friendly Resident. Change camera to Friendly Resident’s vision. He does not look at interns at all. ZOOM OUT. FACE TO BLACK.

Residents’Quarters. Night. Darkness. Glass breaks. Bed rumbles. The light from passing cars’ headlights shines through: shows intern with needle, he has pricked fat man’s head. All the hot air from his head is now leaving him. Gradually inaudible whistling sound fills the room. Another light shines through, Fat Man has now taken form of Friendly Resident. Metallic clink of needle falling on floor. Light shines on horrified intern's face!





  1. Nicely done Sculptor... And thanks for commenting on my blog. If you want you can help me play a joke on Frank, who is slightly crazy but usually funny... If you really want to mess with him do the following. Check ESPN college football scoreboard in about an hour. Look specifically for the Clemson v Auburn score... If it ends with a Clemson win then come back on over at MDOD and talk about how happy you are that Clemson beat Auburn in (American) football today because everyone knows that Auburn graduates are ignorant half-breeds who cheat their way through everything they do. Trust me... This will KILL him and befuddle him and will be very funny. But Auburn has to lose... Last part of game now.

  2. @911doc & mkk: Thank you
    @911doc: DONE !!