Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Social Medicine

We're all currently being carried on along a "social" wave, and recently, I saw this ridiculous TV advert by Vodafone about Facebook, click at your own risk:

Apart from the fact that the ad made me incredibly nauseated, it got me wondering what the hell ever happened to Orkut!

Sure, I was one of the earlier adopters to Facebook, but now I'm wondering how I can get back those hyperbole-studded testimonials that people wrote for me! Yes, I'm THAT self-obsessed!
Eventually, it hit me that I'm 4 social generations old. How?

And three of those generations have come during the lifetime of my medical course. As if it wasn't enough that other people gawk at the length of my degree, now even I've gotten in on the cynical fun!

How many social generations have you passed by? 

1 comment:

  1. Given that the first generation you talk about is is over 140years old, everyone has either passed that or is stuck in it.