Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sleeping etiquette?

I'm usually quite courteous & polite. I hold open doors, wait for people to finish their sentences & try extremely hard not to slurp my drink when I'm in company. But, for all my collective awesomeness, I can't ever figure out what's proper sleeping etiquette (not what you're thinking, I have that one mastered like an art). You see I'm over half way through my internship. I've done my fair share of night shifts & no matter where I am, who I'm working with, I hate it when 2am comes around! That's usually when the patients stop trickling in, the nurses start to go off to bed & the senior residents decide to run away without telling you, leaving you in despair, in silent need to slit their throats for loading you with the responsibility of any serious cases that may come by; but, I digress.

Do I go sleep in the on-call room? If so, should I latch the door? Should I change outta my scrubs? There's this nice empty bed next to that patient, would he mind if I slept there? Or would he wake up all startled? Should I go off to bed before my resident? Should I ask him if there's any more work? How long will it take for me to go sneak into the ICU & sleep in there with those comfy beds & awesome airconditioning riddled with multi-antibiotic resistant bugs? Would I ever wake up from the ICU? Would the nurses mind if I hogged one entire end of the table, because for them, I'm almost an alien? Should I just stay awake? If I take off my coat, am I still on-call? Do these idiots even have my number? Could I just drive home right now? Wouldn't that be just perfect? And why God, why, can't You ever have a hot extern work with me during the night?

So many questions... Any answers? Seriously? I'm waiting


  1. I don't have the answers but I like your questions. Sleeping etiquette is even MORE complicated for girls, believe it or not!

  2. I can totally understand. But, it's even worse when you're the lone guy in a unit full of female residents and interns!

  3. Thats the tragedy called Life.Mind it.

  4. Answer to all those questions: Dont sleep.